I have been really stressed/busy this week.  Here’s what’s gone down:

  • First full week back at work
  • Back to school
  • Picked my cat up from the ex
  • Worried because I had to leave the cat at a friend’s house for a few days and the house was a filthy mess.
  • Talked my dad into letting me keep my cat there (can’t have one where I live right now)
  • Friend keeping the cat at the moment has gone psychotic on me.  Seriously, crazy b#$%&
  • HORRIBLE migraine Wednesday afternoon/night, followed by being sick from some Chinese food and missing the next morning of work.
  • Did I mention I joined a gym?  Mostly for yoga classes and a zumba class, but turns out the zumba class is at the same time as my grad school class on Tuesday nights.  Bummer.  I still have it worked out where I can, if so motivated, go to three yoga classes and one Body Sculpt class/week.
  • Got a haircut last night.  Nothing drastic, so no picture.  Just a trim.
  • I got a notification of some lab tests that were ordered from my doctor, supposedly for me from a December 27, 2007 visit.  Problem?  1) I haven’t been to that doctor since March 2007,  2) The test was run from insurance I haven’t had since 2003, before I ever went to that doctor, 3) test was the result of a urine sample, which I’ve never given any doctor in my known memory (TMI, I know), 4) test was for Chlamydia, which I’m positive I don’t have!!!, 5) I have an actual gynecologist I go to for anything "down there," not a gp, which is what this doc is.  I had been considering getting a new gp for a while, because this guy is completely incompetent, but this pretty much seals the deal.  I mean, treating someone else under my name? WTF?