I intended to post a number of times during my break from work and school, but never got around to actually driving to my dad’s with that expressed purpose.  So what did I do during the holidays?  I’ll tell you.

Christmas started a few days before the actual date, when I exchanged gifts with John before he left for the week.  Christmas Eve Eve, I went shopping with my mom for my presents.  Needless to say, it was a MADHOUSE out there, and there were many times when I thought I was just going to go crazy and pass out.  Because that’s my defense mechanism I guess.  Anyway…went later that night to a Christmas party hosted by a friend I haven’t seen since high school, so that was really nice.  Brought two bottles of Framboise that went over smashingly.

Christmas Eve took me on my traditional trek to the grandparents’ house, where I completely made out like a bandit.  Loot galore.  Then I stopped by my dad’s afterwards so that I wouldn’t have to the next day.  Made Christmas Day a lot more relaxing.  Didn’t go to midnight mass that night because I was exhausted. The day of Christmas, I opened my gifts at home and just lazed around all day long.  I started reading a book called "Julia’s Chocolates," which I finished in a couple of days.  Chick Lit, but really a good book.  It amused me.  Also, I watched a documentary I got for Christmas called "Fuck."  Of course it’s all about the word.  Very insightful and funny.  I definitely recommend it.  Post-Christmas but pre-New Year’s was filled with a lot of acting like a slug, though I managed to make myself run one day.  Also, I visited the friend from the party again and we went to see Sweeney Todd.  Now, I had not seen the musical performed previously, though I pretty much knew what it was about.  The movie was great, a real visual masterpiece.  The singing wasn’t half-bad either.  And also? Johnny Depp. Yes.

On the 30th, I decided that, well, I just needed to leave town.  If I had had enough money to pack up and movie to Tahiti as I often threaten, I would have.  Alas, my funds took me no further than Corydon.  Luckily, I have an old roomate there that was delighted to see me.  We spent the next day shopping in Louisville, and I spent way too much money.  Back into American Eagle, as if I didn’t get most of their store for Christmas already.  Into Vickie’s for a bra and cute 20’s-inspired nightie.  And finally, the piece de resistance (imagine the accents there), I went into Sephora for the first time ever.  My excuse for going in the store was that I had gotten one of those Zeno devices for Christmas.  Though I had used it on a couple of spots, the last one I used it on was disastrous…as in, it burnt a perfectly circular spot on my face.  I needed something to cover it up, though turns out make-up is not such a great thing to put on a burn.  But to the point, Dear reader, I had purposefully avoided this store of all things beauty-related in the past, and for good reason.  Reason? I knew I would go a little cuckoo.  And I did.  I won’t mention a number, but I ended up going home with a number of exciting things, filling up one of their large bags.  No more Sephora for me.  At least not until I run out of the magical lotion I bought.  Or the amazing masacara.  Or the cheek stain.  Or the lip tint.  Or any of the other items that I won’t bother listing. *sigh*  I would like to mention at this point that by the end of the day, I felt like my arms got a really good workout from carrying around my shopping bags.  That will tell you something about how much I bought.  Nice triceps.

New Year’s Eve was fabulous, in every sense of the word.  My friend, who is hetero, and myself (who is as well), met her friends and went to a gay club in Lousiville.  I had been there once before and had seen a drag show, though I wasn’t impressed.  At that particular performance, most of the drag queens stopped even lip syncing a third of the way through their song, just collecting money.  But this show was different.  I was completely blown away.  They opened the show with the Cell Block Tango from Chicago.  Right before midnight, the entire cast and audience sang "Seasons of Love." Then the count-down, Champagne toast, and a botched balloon drop.  A bit of dancing, and the night was topped off with a trip to Denny’s.

New Year’s Day, my old roomie and I went to see the movie "Juno." Though we missed maybe the first 5-10 minutes, it was a great movie. The soundtrack was pretty good too, and I’ve already pre-ordered it on Amazon.  I had heard that the movie was going to be this year’s Napoleon Dynamite in terms of the off-humor and quotability factors.  But mostly I went to see it because, as it turns out, my boyfriend kinda looks and acts like Michael Cera.  Only John’s much more suave.  But there are definite similarities.  Anyway, good movie. Recommended. Almost cried about three times, though I wasn’t really in the crying mood.  My friend wept. 

I drove home yesterday, spent a good portion of yesterday evening hanging with John, and am back to work today.  I really don’t know what to do with myself after more than three days off of work, so I’m glad to be back.  Goals for new year:

  • Workout more.  This might require a gym membership so that I can take some sort of classes.  If I take classes, I will go.  That is what my motivation requires.  That, or someone else with which to workout, and my workout buddy is too busy with a new job.  So, classes.
  • Get better at managing my money.  Not buying stuff I don’t need, which is basically everything.  Though I do want to buy one of those Clarisonic things that was on Oprah.  After that, no more expenses on things that are not the necessities.  Seriously.

Wish me luck.