To be updated whenever I accomplish one of these items, or if I decide to add an adventure.

  • Go cross-country skiing -went sophomore year of college, at Pokagon State Park. Love it.
  • Eat crêpes in Paris -ate way too many, in multiple cities in France
  • Jetski -accomplished the Summer of 2007
  • Dive off a cliff -also accomplished the Summer of 2007
  • Whitewater rafting -Summer of 2007–it was a fun summer
  • Learn a foreign language – French…been learning it since I was in 2nd grade; but also I know a bit of German
  • Learn to play an instrument – guitar. Been trying since I got my guitar in 5th grade, though finally took a class in the Spring of 2007
  • Fall in love – yeah, been there, done that.
  • Paint a picture -Took a painting class in high school.  I need to take painting up again.
  • Learn to operate a motorcycle – Fall 2007.  I learned how to, however, I seem to be physically unable to do different things with each one of my limbs all at the same time.  Go figure.
  • Smash watermelon onstage with Gallager -oh yeah.  Junior year of undergrad?


  • Kissed by a prince – alright, so it was a kiss on the hand, and it was an African prince, but he was still a prince! Freshman or sophomore year of college
  • Drink Guinness in Ireland
  • Hike part of the Appalachian Trail
  • Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  • Take a picture of a cow in the Alps
  • Drink Tequila in Mexico
  • Ride a bike through the Painted Desert in Arizona at sunrise (not sure how that one’s going to happen)
  • Sing onstage with a band
  • Ride a mechanical bull