Lots to write about today, which I know is unusual for me.  My second call for jury duty in three months was to be today, however, I called them last night to hear that they do not need any jurorsat this time.  Fantastic.  I have managed to get out of it once again.  Was afraid I’d have to go in there and inform them that I am 1) racist, 2) sexist, 3) a raging anarchist, or 4) some combination of 1-3.  I’m a horrible liar anyway.

I have my last paper of the semester to write up/edit today– a collection development plan for an elementary school library in the subject area of myths, fairy tales, and legends.  Due tomorrow.  Tonight, I’m planning on conning John into looking asking John nicely to gaze at shooting stars with me.  If the sky is clear, the peak times for viewing the meteor shower should be between 10pm-2am in the Eastern sky.  Regardless, I’m not staying out the whole time.  I just want to see a few of them, and if it’s not clear, I won’t stand out there at all.  In other news, my blog is #7 for the Google Netherlands site when searching for "lingerie hi-class." Hmmm, interesting.  Imagine their disappointment when they did not find any lingerie on my site!

Now, my pretties, I will share a couple of sites I have found.

Naked Translations  a somewhat literal site with translations from English to French and vice-versa.  Very interesting.  I love the author’s pov on things and her exploration of slang from multiple dialects.  I will be lurking on this site from now on.

Handigift  adorable kitsch, very giftable.  Love that the products are handmade and really one-of-a-kind.  Am especially in love with their passport covers that would make excellent gifts, as they don’t shout out, "hey! I’m a passport.".  One design even has an RFD shield in it for those of you with the new biometric passports.  A note to the readers: all products on this site have prices listed in either Pounds or Euros (whichever you choose).  So, do not see £12.75 and think this is equivalent to $12.75.  You would be sadly mistaken.

Write Me Stories  Discovered this site courtesy of my dear friend Kristin.  A guy named Paulo goes to see different bands and gives them notecards on which they are to write stories, which he then displays on his site.  What a brilliant idea.

All for now, though I will be putting up "THE LIST" soon.  Y’know, the things I absolutely must do while alive.  Yeah, that’ll be a good one.