Woke up yesterday morning to five inches of snow on my car.  The roads were slicker than snot, and still are today.  It appears that the county road workers are sitting in their garage drinking whiskey and playing cards, cause they sure as hell aren’t out plowing and salting the roads!  Seriously, after two days, it shouldn’t take me 15 minutes to get to work, when it normally takes 5.  I am disappointed in them.

Today I decided to find out where my three favorite works of art are located, so that I can visit them someday, being an art historian and all.  Here are the works and locations, listed but in no specific order:

  1. Woman with a Hat by Henri Matisse — San Francisco MOMA
  2. The Gold Scab by A. M. Whistler — Fine Art Museum of San Francisco (same as above? Idk)
  3. The Virgin and Child with St. Anne and John the Baptist by Leonardo Da Vinci — National Gallery, London

Well hot damn!  I’ve been looking for a reason to go to San Francisco!  Also I believe the redwoods are near, so that will be a stop as well.  Now to get the cash and find someone to go with…that trip may have to be postponed.  But at least now it is noted.