Here, presented in a list format because I am too lazy to weave them together (or even put them in chronological order) in a semblance of acceptable writing, are the things of which I would like to inform you:

  • So last night, I married Prince William.  You don’t even have to ask if it was a dream, do you?  Not sure how that dream came about, since I don’t generally sit around and fantasize about royalty.  But I suppose it is because I’ve watched "What a Girl Wants" a couple times in the past two days.  Great, girlie, ridiculously happy-ending movie.
  • This morning I was a tad bit late for work, as my car doors were frozen shut.  I had to crawl in my passenger door after a struggle, then had to use my body as a battering ram to get out of the driver’s door.
  • I have three classes to go, two projects, and one presentation and a partridge in a pear tree until the end of the semester.  Go me!
  • Went out to celebrate my friend’s 21st this weekend, had 4 drinks, and was done for.  In fact, I really wanted to go home after the first one, but my car was elsewhere.  C’mon, what happened to the Irish in me?  Ah well, I suppose it’s for the best. 
  • It is cold outside.  Really, frickin’ cold.  Stupid December.
  • On the plus side, have all of my Christmas shopping done except for my mom and my aunt.  And those things can be achieved quite quickly.
  • Someone really needs to invent a transportation device so that I can travel anywhere I want instantaneously and also? For free. 
  • Had another dream this weekend that I went into work, and I was dressed like it was a casual day PLUS I had a mask on my face from the night before.  NIGHTMARE.
  • Also in this dream, some fairies showed me around a really cool elementary school library.
  • Why is it that if I tell my mom anything about the guy I’m dating, it is instantaneously relayed to everyone she has so much as glanced at in the last 10 years?  Seriously, no more.  I’m not tellin’ her nuthin’. 
  • Instantaneously is the word of the day, apparently.