Because I can think of nothing worthwhile on which to write except myself, I will take a cue from a fellow blogger‘s past entry and let you in on a few things that, even if you know me in the "real world," you may not know. Ahem.

  • My favorite male body part is…the calf muscle.  Weird, I know.  It’s not like they turn me on or anything, but I just really appreciate the look of a perfectly formed calf muscle.  My friend Jen pointed out to me one day that I am, in fact, the only person on Facebook with an interest in calf muscles.  Go figure.
  • I worked, for a time, as a swing dancer.  Y’know, the kind with the poodle skirt and bobby socks and those black and white shoes? Yep, that was me, complete with a ribbon in my pony-tailed hair.  Can you imagine?
  • I have been charged by a bull.  But this was not your everyday bull.  Oh no, it was one of those massive, spanish-bullfighting-like bulls.  A beast.  And it wanted to eat me.  I will never have a problem being an omnivore.
  • Blueberry Italian soda = most delicious beverage EVER.
  • Not sure where that came from…
  • "Où es-tu ouistiti?" …sorry, that was a special secret for Bridget
  • I have an extreme desire to one day ride a mechanical bull.

Also, a bit of a meme, because I can’t think of anything else original.

My name:  drum roll please…Hayley.
Height: 5′ 3 1/2" (that extra 1/2 inch is very important)
In the morning I am: getting ready for work…
All I need is: LOVE (dahdahdahdahdahdah)
Love is: all you need.
If I could see one person right now, it would be: John.
I’m afraid of: heights
I dream about: flying

Which is better?
coke or pepsi: coke
flowers or candy: I see both sides clearly, though I admit I’d rather have flowers
tall or short:  I’d rather be short, like I am.  However, I like my men tall.

Who was the last person…
you talked to on the phone: my voicemail?
you hugged: John
you text messaged: Bridget
text messaged you: John
you laughed with: my boss

Do you speak any other languages? French (nearly fluent at one point in my life), and enough German to visit
What do you obsess over? It changes for the most part, but I always obsess over my sheets and eyebrows
Favorite food: fondue, lettuce wraps, couscous royale, soda bread
Could you live without the computer? Other than the fact that I use it for work and school…I would probably die without it.  I would waste away into nothingness.  But I could maybe live if all technology and the need for it were taken away
What song seems to reflect you the most?  C’est impossible….

Of course, none of these (even those at the top) were really deep dark secrets.  If you want that list, you’ll have to ask me in person.