Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I figured I’d make myself a little list to remind myself everything for which I have to be thankful.  Well, not everything, but some of the main ones.  Voila. (pretend there’s an accent grave there)

  • my (for the most part) fantastic family and friends.  You guys rock.
  • my stress-free job, and coworkers who keep things interesting
  • health, food, shelter….all that really important stuff
  • As much as I complain about it, grad school.  I’m lucky that I’m getting to go into the profession I want.
  • MUSIC.  Almost as important as the friends and family.  Seriously.
  • my car, even if it is a piece of crap
  • strength enough to get through the hard times without losing it!
  • the First Ammendment

There are lots of little things, and I know that the listing of "family and friends" covers a myriad of specific things for which I am thankful, but that’s all you’re getting for now.

Overheard today at the front desk: "I think that ribbon will really bring out the gold, definitely.  But I want to add the bow, too."  This was an intense coversation between our receptionists.  Now, my job is by no means difficult or labor-intensive, but to have a job where the most important thing you do is decorate the front lobby…well, that would be something else,  wouldn’t it?

Hope you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, along with the turkey-induced (or faux-turkey as the case may be, you veggie!) comas.