I had a pretty excellent birthday weekend, thank you very much.  Here’s a rundown:

Friday: Was told I could have whatever I wanted for dinner that night.  Picked a 6-inch from Subway.  Pre-drank with Jimmy and my mom.  Went to Moondog Tavern.  As we were trying to save two tables, my mom told Jimmy to sit at the one, to which he replied, "No way, man!  Look at that jacket! That’s some big biker chick who probably has some big biker boyfriend ready to kick my ass."  Me: "Jimmy…that’s my jacket.  The one that you in fact commented on how cool it was only about an hour ago."  Yeah, he was a little wasted.  Dane, the singer of the band (and also a good friend of my mom’s), announced my birthday and told all the young, single guys to come buy me drinks.  He then played Honky-Tonk Women.  Coincidence? 
Jen came and I got to meet the boy.  Seemed like a nice guy from what I gathered, though they weren’t there for long as her boy’s best friend’s b-day was the same night.  Go figure.  Then my new one showed up, which was very nice.  When the band started packing it all up, we headed home (we as in the people I arrived with).  Finished off the evening with blowing out my candles, then going to bed.

Saturday:  Slept in til I was awoken by a text message.  Roxie came over to visit, then I finished getting ready and went to see the new guy.  We went to the Louvre exhibit at the IMA, then back to the apartment for some Coupling (Season 1) and he cooked.  Delicious on all counts.

Sunday: Meant to get up for Mass.  Did not.  Instead spent a good portion of the day laying around and generally thinking about the day before.  Was supposed to shop with Roxie, but that didn’t happen, so I made myself work out.  Thinking I need to get my own exercise ball, as the one we have has uncomfortable little spikes all over it. 

On the unfortunate side, I found out that I have been called for jury duty yet again.  Dec 13.  No, I didn’t end up having to go the last time, though I did have to call two nights in a row for them to tell me that my "services will not be needed at this time."  Ugh.