Two days ago it was sunny and 63.  Yesterday morning it was snowing.  And today is my birthday, which I had totally forgotten about until someone told me happy birthday.  Perhaps that’s what happens as you get older; they always say that birthdays become less important over time.  But for me to totally forget?  Maybe it’s just indicative of my general apathy in life.

Anyway, I can’t make this entry long, cause I’ve got some serious work to do on my collection development plan (CDP) before class today.  Meh.  Meh and blar. (That was for you, Kristin.)

I really wish I was somewhere far away where nobody knew me and I didn’t know them.  What freedom that would be.

As an aside, this is what the card said that my mom got for me:  "You’re like the perfect Cosmopolitan! (picture of drink.  open.)  Extra sweet…sometimes with a twist…and certainly not a virgin.  Happy Birthday."

Oh. my. gosh. She did not just do that.  I gave her a look, though I’m not sure which one, and she just laughed.