Hokay kids.  I’m gonna put this up here one more time, since most of you seem to not be noticing it.  I am having a contest here.  Notice the bolded section of this entry. But to sum it up, for most of my blog entries, lyrics are included in the title.  If you can correctly identify the name of the song and artist that performs it, and leave those answers in the comment space, you will get 5 points.  If more than one artist performs the song, they will all be accepted.  But don’t go telling me your favorite local band plays it and using that as an answer.  Doesn’t count. Note: That this contest is retroactive means the lyrics go back all the way, possibly to my first entry.  Everything from the start is fair game.

The contest will run till the end of this year.  If you get the most points, congrats, you win!  What you will win I am not sure of at this point, but if I know you in the "real world," it’ll probably be something good.

Do it.