Except, actually, it wasn’t that cold today.  In fact, it felt like a Spring day when the snow has just finished melting, but maybe there are still rock-hard piles of the stuff in parking lots.  Like there’s a tinge of summer on the wind.  Very strange for November.  But I find myself wishing it was the summer coming and not the holidays.

Had a date last weekend.  Well, sorta two.  But since I don’t really talk about that stuff on my website (at least not in an obvious way), you’re not gonna hear about it here.  This weekend is my birthday, and if you know me in the "real world" and are present in the state and over the age of 21, you need to come out and celebrate with me.  I’ll be accepting gifts of Pez, Framboise, and ridiculously large sums of money.*

Also, you need to check out a group I heard the other night.  Great, and funny to boot- Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband

*Just kidding.  Sorta.