This past weekend, I went with my dear friend Roxie to scout out the town where her new job is located.  Somehow, though, we ended up going to Castleton and shopping all. day. long.  Now, I must tell you, Roxie keeps my credit card for me because, well, I can’t be trusted with it and I know she will not let me have it unless it is a necessity.  We went into Fossil, where I found the most glorious purse that fit perfectly on my shoulder.  As we left the store I commented, "Good thing I don’t have my card!"  To which she replied, "Oh, I brought it just in case."  I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t start jumping up and down right there.

I should inform you that I have not always been such a crazy shopping woman.  In fact, I seem to have oscillated during my life between being a tomboy and a girlie-girl.  When I was very little, I only wore dresses and HATED to get dirty in any way.  Then we moved to the country and all of that went out the window.  I was outside getting dirty all the time.  My mom loves to tell the story of the Easter when I decided to take off the pinafore apron on my dress and fill it up with frog eggs.  In this stage I also hated the color pink.  Then came high school, when I realized that, wow, I’ve got this body that seems to have magical powers over men, and look, if I walk a certain way, I can make a roomful of them drool.  So I started to play it up a bit…reintroducing pink to my wardrobe, wearing mascara and lip gloss.  Y’know, being a girl again.  And apparently now I have adopted a new love of purses and shoes.

Adalyn_2 This, my pretties, is a picture of the shoe I bought at Bakers.  Or rather shoes, since I did buy the pair.  I am, in fact, wearing them right now.  It really is difficult to describe the excitement I felt even hours after I had bought the shoes and the purse.  And yes, I realize how perverse, how wrong it really is.  It’s not right, and yet, there it is.  I sat in the car stroking the purse the whole way home.  That a pair of shoes and a leather bag should make me so happy…well, I’ve sunk to a new level…or have I risen?  I’m sure it depends on the reader.  But it is a damn good thing for my wallet that I don’t do this more often.

By the by, the title of this entry refers to an old blues standard, recorded by Jimi Hendrix.  But replace "heels" with "train." 

Also…Heroes last night…wtf?!?!  Kensei is Adam?  Wah? I am shocked beyond belief.  I cannot be consoled on this matter.  No way.