Sooooo….the weekend.  It was eventful.  We’ll start from the beginning.

Had class on Friday–both grad school and my motorcycle training course.  On campus, the FFA was holding their national convention, with a special exhibition in the library.  Good thing I didn’t wear my cowboy/riding boots to class, otherwise those farmboys would’ve been all over me like flies on honey.  But really I chose not to wear them because I hate the sound of the boots on marble floor.  It irritates me greatly.  Also, I’ve got a great quote though from one of my Reference professors: "I was a geek in middle school…and high school…aaaaannnd college."  –in reference to his excitement at the information packets his friend got in the mail from various embassies.

The motorcycle class went well Friday night, but didn’t let out til 10, at which point I was VERY tired.  Had to get up at 5 the next morning to get back to class on time, so I was exhausted the whole next day, which isn’t conducive to learning to ride a motorcycle.  Let’s just say that I’m never going to buy my own motorcycle and will only operate one in the future if it is an emergency.  I’m so much better at riding on the back of one.  Didn’t go to class on Sunday because I was fairly certain I broke my foot the day before on the range when I dropped the bike twice.  It’s fine now.  On my range performance, the instructor said, "Well, you’ve made some great progress, but then sometimes it’s like your mind goes blank and you forget everything."  And folks, that’s exactly what happened.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.

As for the class I have to teach next week, I have to instruct them on how to use the virtual library for writing research papers and such.  I’m certain I can do it, as I teach it one-on-one to students nearly every day, but this is an entire class.  And on top of that, I’m pretty sure I have to take up about an hour, which, let’s face it, is not that easy for me when I really care so little about the subject at hand.

In other news, I have jury duty on Halloween.  Trick or treat?

Also, you people need to start looking up those song lyrics.