You may have noticed that a number of my entries are titled using song lyrics.  See, the thing is, I LOVE music.  It's so powerful; it can make or break your day, your mood, everything.  Sometimes the entries relate to the song, sometimes just to the line, or sometimes just to my mood in general, with no relation whatsoever to what I type in the body.  Sometimes lyrics speak to the heart of matters much more than I could ever put into words myself.

However, I have apparently (though unwittingly) adopted my ex-boyfriend's use of lyrics that make people worry about me.  I've always spoke in lyrics (so to speak), but I guess I haven't really thought about what others would think about them.  Today I changed my status on Facebook to reflect a line ("I think I've been fooling myself my whole life long") from the song, "Burden to Bear" by Jimmy LaFave.  Great song, by the way.  And though I suppose it does reflect a lot of what I'm feeling (or not feeling) right now, there really is nothing to be worried about.  So sorry if I made you worry.

*As a fun little activity, 5pts to the first person who correctly identifies the songs to which I refer in my titles.  This is retroactive.  If I feel like it, I'll even keep a running tally.  At the end of the year, whoever has the most points gets…I dunno…probably nothing unless I'm feeling particularly generous or inspired.  But I will let everyone know who the winner is.  So there…google away!*