Went camping this weekend.  Just for one night, though, because it was freezing.  Talked to an old man who, after learning that I was going to be taking a motorcycle training course, told me all about how he used to ride, but got hit by a drunk driver.  He nearly lost his leg and it had to be rebuilt from the hip down.  I replied that that was unfortunate, but if he used to ride, then he knows that you hear stories like that all the time and that they will not dissuade me from wanting to ride.  He agreed.  I was surprised when my mom actually backed me up and commented that people get in wrecks driving cars all the time.  She hasn’t been gung-ho about me learning to ride, but that made me happy that she has at least resigned herself to the fact that it’s going to happen.

And now, a beautiful sunset for your viewing pleasure:

Picture_001_3 Gorgeous, no? 

The rest of the weekend was rather uneventful, unless you count the shopping I did last night.  Since I’ve given myself the okay to buy green clothing once again, I’ve managed to purchase no less than three green sweaters.  At least, my mom pointed out, they are different shades of green, and of course different styles of sweater.  Still thinking about reinstalling the ban on green clothing.  At least until the spring…