Also, I am Google Australia’s third link when one searches for "faster I hear banjos." * Not sure how I feel about that, but it sure must make my hillbilly family feel proud.

*As another aside, I watched a show on the History Channel the other night about Hillbillies.  Turns out, the hillbilly culture derives from the clan mentality the originals had as a result of being Scots-Irish.  This explains a lot about the way my family acts and how they think…and I’ll bet they never even knew why they were that way.  Apparently we’ve been hating "the Man" since we were Scots hating the English…anything to be a stubborn ass with ridiculous superstitions and codes.**

**No offense intended to those of Scottish and/or Hillbilly ancestry.  There are many of both who do not act in this fashion, and usually my family is pretty normal.  Just sometimes…sometimes I look at them and think, "You aren’t seriously offended by that, are you?"***

***But of course I don’t say that, because if I did they would be offended and then would probably disown me or silently ignore my existence until I apologized for the comment.****

****Although if I ever needed them to, they would get rid of a body for me *****and no one around would tell the cops if they came a-lookin’.  So I suppose the clan-mentality is good for somethings.

*****Not that I would ever need to get rid of a body.  No, really.