I’ve seen that it is now Fall.  However, I really think they’ve got it wrong.  Though the calendar says it is October, I saw the digital thermometer at the house say that it was 102 degrees outside.  This distresses me most sorely, for two reasons:  first, I have no air conditioning in my car and am forced to drive everywhere with my windows down; second, I have so many pretty sweaters I am dying to wear.  So a message to Mr. Global Warming:  please, please go away.  At least for now.  Give me back my sweater-weather.  I am not equipped for tropical climates, as evidenced by my ridiculously pale skin.

This weekend I went to King’s Island with the fam.  Yes, it was also 90 degrees in Ohio.  Though we went to an amusement park, I somehow managed to buy a purse.  I had one with me.  It’s not as if I needed one with which to carry around my belongings that day.  But there is a store that does not belong that has always had really cute things.  And so I bought a purse.

Apparently, King’s Island throws a big Halloween shindig for the entire month of October, including an army of folk in costume, a slew of haunted houses, and fog machines every few yards.  They really went crazy with the fog, as I could not see further than three feet in front of my face.  We didn’t go into any of the haunted houses because the lines were ridiculously long.