In the past couple of weeks I’ve seen a few movies, which I will now proceed to poorly review for you nice folks.

Knocked Up (unrated and unprotected)- not what I expected. Still frickin’ hilarious.  It seemed most of the time that the cast was just sitting around making stuff up which was later put into the movie.  I found myself agreeing with/understanding the men’s p.o.v. 90% of the time, wondering why the hell the chicks in the movie didn’t get it.  There were many situations overall that I could relate to, times when I thought, "I know someone like that…that’s exactly something they would do…"

Glastonbury- not what I expected.  I thought it would be a sort of concert dvd, showing lots of good performances, something I could pop in the tele and take a nap while watching.  Alas, it did have some bits of performances, but mostly it was just the history of the festival, interviews with festival-goers, and clips of really *ahem* interesting people.  Lots of naked, naked people.  Naked people having sex in fields.  People blitzed out of their gourds doing a number of different things.  It was an interesting film for the novelty I would say.  There’s some good people-watching, much better than you would get sitting at an outside cafe for the time it took to watch the movie, so in all, good.  However, it said that Travis was one of the performances and I didn’t see or hear them once.

Conversations With God-  Rented it because J. picked it up once in the video store (which was a huge surprise, believe me, just from seeing the title).  Was a bit disappointed that God didn’t even start talking to him until 1hr 12min into the film.  The movie is the story of how the author of the books by the same name came to write them.  Really a slow start.  The one thing that stuck with me from the movie: at a seminar on the topic of the books, he is asked if he can sum up in one paragraph the message God wants us to have.  His reply: "I can sum it up in five words: ‘You’ve got Me all wrong.’"  Interesting.  I think it would interest J. as well.  Mostly for me it makes me want to read the books.

C’est tout.