Last night at cataloging class, a fellow student noticed the picture that I was putting up on my Facebook profile and commented on what a great picture it was, and did I play guitar?  I thought, ‘ Yeah, of course..what idiot would get their picture taken with one if they didn’t?’  But I said, "Yeah, but just for myself.  I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to listen to me."  Which is the truth.  Well anyways, he plays as well, and we got on along discussing what kind of music we like and what we play.  He plays folksy peace-and-justice type music, and also children’s songs at his library.  We talked about the different musicians we are into, and he brought up Bob and said what a genius he is.  I replied, "Yeah, but he’s so confusing sometimes."  And you know what?  He is.  He’s particularly annoying me at the moment with his symbolism to which only he (and J.) have the key.  Not that anyone’s going to understand that….moving on…

Last night and this morning, I was quite possibly the angriest I have ever been.  I got my B.C. in the mail, only to discover that they had sent me the incorrect medicine!  And in addition to that, it was supposed to be 3 months-worth, but was only one.  It was a clusterf*ck all over–the lady had given me the wrong prescription without asking me if I wanted it changed (I certainly did not), the wrong prescription was then in turn given to the mail order company who sent me the generic version of the drug.  I do not EVER get the generic for B.C., because the generic only has to be 80% as effective as the brand name for it to be dispensed as the generic.  I think the whole thing is cleared up now, but I was irate on the phone with different people.  If I had been talking to them in person, I probably would have gouged their eyes out with an eyelash curler.  It’s like that Seinfeld episode–you just don’t mess with a woman’s birth control!

Let that be a lesson to you all.