Last night I met an old friend from high school for some pie and coffee.  He was my date to Junior prom, but we never dated (though I must admit I always wondered what it would be like to kiss him then).  I did see him then a couple of times at university:  once in the parking lot, we both honked our horns and waved, once in a huge lecture.  It’s strange–we went to the same university and never hung out when we were there, but now that we’re home we are. 

We had a nice chat about how much we miss our college town and how old we feel now that we are back home and even when we go back to visit the alma mater.  Like we are ADULTS now.  Isn’t that strange?  I suppose I knew that if I continued to be alive, it would eventually happened, yet it happened when I wasn’t paying attention.  I don’t feel like I’m an adult, though I suppose I am looked at in that way (by most, unless they mistake me for a 16-year-old, which does occasionally happen).

So here’s the question for you:  When did you realize you were an adult, or was there a certain moment at all?  Or perhaps you still haven’t become one? Do tell.