Yesterday, I had to go to my old high school library for an assignment for grad school.  The librarian there was the librarian at the middle school when I was in school.  She saw me and exclaimed,"(my real name)?  You look totally different, except for your eyes!  You have grown up into a beautiful woman."  Why, thanks.  You look the same.  Anyways, we talked about my assignment and about the profession in general.  I told her how I was wanting to student teach on the reservation, to which she replied that she thought that was a marvelous idea.  She said, and I quote "Do everything you want to do now, because when you get married, you won’t be able to!  I spent a year in Hawaii before I got married and it was one of the greatest times in my life–I wouldn’t trade it for anything."  Though momentarily interested in the idea of spending a year in Hawaii, I couldn’t help but think about her marriage comment.  If I were married, I would still do whatever I want!  But then again, she has been a librarian for 42 years and probably when she got married, the women gave up their lives to their husbands.  I live to serve no one, though I guess in the end, like Bob Dylan says, you’re gonna have to serve somebody.  Anyways…

Today I decided I would wear cute underwear.  I’m the only one that’s going to see it, but it has put me in a semi-good mood.  Also, I woke up a bit absent-minded.  I attempted to put toner on my armpits instead of deodorant.  Later, going into work, I caught my skirt on my car door and got grease all over it.  Nice.

Almost forgot–yesterday, I rode my brother’s dirtbike for the first time.  I didn’t ride it long, cause I had to go, but…well, I’m definitely going to need more practice.  I did well at first, balancing nicely, though my feet were very uncomfortable because his bike is really narrow and it felt weird, them being about 3 or 4 inches apart.  But then I started to panic for some unknown reason and all hell broke loose.  I’ve realized something I supposed previously, that if you are scared, you will ride badly.  I need to repeat to myself: Fear is temporary, regret is forever.